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Newton NEP-40 proposes to divide the community mining of 60 billion NEW into three stages. The first stage is based on the original consensus mechanism for mining, and the second stage adds mining types and determines their respective budgets. Among them, NUSDT-NEW trading pair liquidity mining has been launched. The community token-NEW trading pair liquidity mining is now open for applying.

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牛顿NEP-40决议将600亿NEW的社群挖矿分成3个阶段,第一个阶段按照原共识机制挖矿,第二阶段新增挖矿类型并确定各自预算。其中NUSDT – NEW交易对流动性挖矿已上线。现开放社群通证-NEW交易对流动性挖矿申请。